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Commercial Electrical Issues in Northern Ireland

At ABC Electrical, we offer a wide range of services for commercial electrical issues throughout Northern Ireland. It is always our top priority to deliver a high-quality electrical service. It’s not just about the small jobs, though. The services we offer include large electrical jobs. We can cater these for commercial businesses’ electrical needs too. 

We know that your business is your life, and we want to help you take care of it. That’s why we offer a large range of electrical services. We work hard to make you aware of unknown risks. As well as this, we do our best to reduce potential electrical hazards. Often, electrical hazards lead to fire hazards. Therefore, they must be taken care of by a professional. 

Commercial lighting issues

You can’t work in the dark. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure your commercial area has the correct lighting for the atmosphere you are trying to create. For example, restaurant customers need enough light to read the menu and see the food. Products on display in shops also need to be visible to all customers. 

Common lighting issues for commercial settings include flickering and dimmed lights. These can often be signs of bigger issues with your electrical system. Keeping your commercial business open is paramount, so you must choose the correct person to fix even your small lighting issues. If repaired incorrectly, your lighting issues can become a bigger problem in the future.

Commercial electrical services

Circuit breaker trips

It’s important to ensure that your circuits are up-to-date. Otherwise, you might face electrical issues in your business in the form of circuit trips and electric breakdowns. In addition to this, problems with your circuit breakers can pose serious fire hazards. At ABC we know that your customers are a priority. Therefore, all electrical issues and any potential hazards should be taken seriously. We guarantee to always offer 100% honest advice, by the most recent advice. 

Air conditioning problems

Air conditioning is a great consideration for many businesses, particularly in the Summer. This might include water leaks, or general issues with the workings of your air conditioning system. Again, in a commercial environment the customer is key. If your air conditioning system fails in hot weather, you risk poor customer experiences if they are too hot or cold.

Outdated electrical wiring in commercial buildings

Many commercial businesses who have been running for a long period of time might have neglected their electrical systems if they have not been aware of any major issues. Therefore, they risk working with outdated electrical wiring. Outdated, overworked systems can be extremely problematic. They pose fire and general safety hazards. We ensure that our electrical solutions conform to current regulations and safety standards

Large industrial appliances

Many commercial environments require large appliances to be installed throughout the building. This might be in retail, manufacturing, or hospitality. In any situation, we work to ensure your appliances are electrically up-to-date and safe for staff or customer use. Our team at ABC Electrical conducts safety inspections. We are fully qualified and highly trained, so you can feel assured that when we say you are safe, you are. 

Your provider of commercial electrical services

We work in the areas of Armagh, Banbridge, Craigavon, Lurgan, and Portadown. For over 20 years, we have offered high-quality electrical services in these areas. Whether it’s a small job such as switching to a new light fixture, or your electrical system needs updating, we can help. 

You can always be assured that ABC Electrical will carry out a quick, efficient service, without the hassle. We are honest, reliable, and tidy. Contact ABC Electrical for your commercial electrical issues. 

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