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Household Electrical Services Northern Ireland

ABC Electrical is proud to offer a range of electrical services in Northern Ireland. Often, electrical problems are big and daunting. However, at ABC we do it all – even the smaller domestic tasks. 

We offer these household electrical services across a range of areas including Belfast, Armagh, Banbridge, Craigavon and Portadown. So, if you are interested in finding out about the services we offer, keep reading!

What household electrical services do we offer?

Lighting fixtures

ABC Electrical can service the light fixtures in your home. Whether you are adding an entirely new fixture, or you are doing cosmetic upgrades throughout the home and want to change your lighting up, ABC can help! 

Customers are put off by electricians coming into their homes to carry out these services. They often think the jobs are messy and inconvenient. However, this is not the case. Instead, ABC electrical offers a seamless, professional service. By leaving no mess behind, and causing as little disruption as possible, our customers are happy every step of the way.

Outdoor lighting

Lighting outside of the home can have many purposes. At ABC we take care of it all. Many customers are increasing home security by installing sensory security lights. These lights come in many forms, and sudden spotlights are highly recommended as they reduce the likelihood of burglaries. 

It’s not just about security, though. Outdoor lighting is a great addition to any garden, and is perfect for those long Summer nights. The outdoor lighting services offered by ABC Electrical are guaranteed to be quick, seamless and professional.

Add or change electrical sockets

We all know the world is becoming more online and digital every day. Many older homes are not equipped with a sufficient amount of plug sockets throughout the home. These are needed to charge devices, and keep tools such as your Amazon Alexa and your WiFi connected all day. 

ABC Electrical are on-hand to help modernise your home. We can add new plug sockets to your home, or move already existing ones to a more convenient location in the home. This is a great idea for those who are reconfiguring their spaces, and now need different plug socket locations.

Not only this, sockets are changing. Again, older homes are equipped with older plug socket models which may not be entirely safe, or may be less convenient to use. Newer plug sockets are equipped with USB ports and covers, increasing the versatility and safety of your everyday electrical use. 

External sockets

As we move back into the garden for the Summer months, it’s possible you might want to give your outdoor space a small upgrade. This is done by adding external sockets to your garden. Doing so means you can use speakers, charge your phone, or add an electrical fire to your space. These sockets can also be placed in your garage or workshop, for power tools or other use. The possibilities for external socket use are endless – don’t wait any longer! 

Shower installations

When you need to refresh your bathroom, you may want to change your shower. On the other hand, you might have a bath currently and want to add a shower to your bathroom. We offer shower installation services at ABC Electrical. 

Being without a shower for a period of time is extremely inconvenient. Therefore, we work hard to ensure your daily routine is not disrupted for too long – we work safely and efficiently. 

Fuse boards

As mentioned before, many homes are not fully updated electrically. Several homes have fuse boards installed decades ago and are no longer safe. ABC Electrical can update dangerous, old fuse boards to new, fully compliant ones. Give yourself peace of mind by ensuring your home’s electrical equipment is as safe as possible. 

So, what’s next for my household electricity?

The above list is extensive, but this is not all. If you require household electrical services not listed above, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at ABC Electrical. 

We always look forward to hearing from you, no job is too small. We love what we do, and are more than happy to help!

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