Domestic and Commercial Electrician serving, Lisburn, Banbridge, Armagh, Craigavon and Newry

Large Electrical Jobs Northern Ireland

Are you a business seeking Electrical help in Lisburn, Banbridge, Armagh, Craigavon and Newry? With years in the electrical industry, we have seen it all and have worked on large scale projects across the whole of Northern Ireland. ABC Electrical has clients from Lisburn, Banbridge and Newry, many of which are businesses which require commercial electrical work. 

Fully insured and qualified, there are few jobs that ABC Electrical can’t do! From lighting fixtures, fuse boards to rewiring and safety inspections. As a business, we understand how important a business can be to their owner. This is why we understand the importance of carrying out our commercial jobs with the highest standard of service and quality. 

A commercial electrician is a trained professional licensed to wire, repair, maintain and install electrical equipment like generators, transformers and receptacles in commercial buildings rather than homes. Commercial electrical jobs often involve more varied and complex structures, such as shopping centres, government, office and industrial buildings. Lisburn and Banbridge are up and coming business areas of Northern Ireland, therefore the demand for large scale electrical jobs is growing. This is great news for ABC Electrical! 

Below are some of the unique responsibilities of a commercial electrician:

  • works with higher voltage generators, electrical systems, appliances, heating and air conditioning units
  • upgrades and instals distribution and safety components, such as circuit-breaker panels and resistors
  • inspects and replaces faulty wiring, insulated circuits and cables, preventing the system’s breakdown
  • install electrical wiring and fixtures for intercom, lighting, security alarms and other electrical systems.
  • conducts troubleshooting exercises to identify malfunctioning units and use the necessary apparatus in repairing them
  • constructs and install electrical apparatus in designated areas to improve the safety of motor control centres and electrical panels.

​​What can we do for your Business:

Here are larger, commercial jobs we can help you with are:

-Safety Inspections

-Rewiring Systems 

-Upgrades to your existing circuits 

-New Building Work 

For more domestic electrical issues, we can provide you with a service for any issue:

-Lighting fixtures

-Extra Sockets 

-External Sockets 

-Shower Installation 

-Fuse Boards 

Why chose ABC Electrical for your Large Scale Electrical job in Lisburn and Banbridge 

ABC Electrical’s standard of customer care include: 

-Turning up on time for all our appointments with clients. 

-Once the job has been assessed, provide the client with a written quote.

-Provide honest and seasoned advice, if you require additional safety work we will tell you as soon as possible. 

-Treat your home with respect, keeping the work area tidy.

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